The questions below are organised into 4 sections: 1. How does ArtStack work?, 2. Following people, 3. Etiquette, and 4. Help!


What is ArtStack?

ArtStack is a way to discover, collect and share art you like or find interesting. Whenever someone you follow uploads or stacks a piece, you'll see it in your feed. When you see something you like, stack it to never forget it and your followers will also see it in their feeds - plus you’ll see whenever a new work by that artist is added to the site.

You can follow artists and tags in just the same way that you follow users - the more you follow, the more art you'll see.

What's in my feed?

Your feed shows all activity related to the people, artists and tags you follow. Whenever someone you follow uploads or stacks a piece, you'll see it in your feed - the same goes for any work by an artist you follow or when a work is tagged with information you're following.

What's my Stack and what should I put in it?

Your Stack is all the art you like or are interested in and don't want to forget. You can add any artwork you find on the site to your Stack by clicking the 'Add to my Stack' button, or you can upload works that aren't yet on ArtStack. To add an artwork, go the '+Add Artwork' page or use our iPhone app to take photos of artworks you see when you're out and about. When you upload a work, you'll be credited - so everyone who sees the work will know you found it. You can add anything to the site (including video) - be it art you like or works you've made.

How can I invite friends?

Use the '+Add Friends' button at the top of the screen. When people you have invited join ArtStack, you can follow them to discover more art so invite people who's Stacks you'd like to see - they'll see all the artwork your stacking and your comments, too, so it's a great way to share art. Thanks for spreading the word!

How do I build a great feed?

Follow lots of people, artists and tags to build an interesting feed. The more you follow, the more great art you'll see. It's ok to follow people you don't know!

How do I upload art?

Click the '+Add Artwork' button at the top of the screen. It's very easy to add works to the site - you can add photos of art with our iPhone app or install the bookmark button to add artworks from any website with the click of a button. You can also upload files, link to image URLs and post the link to video works on Vimeo or YouTube.

What are collections and how do I make them?

You can keep your Stack organised by making collections. You can place works in any order you like so you can also make interesting juxtapositions and create your own exhibitions. To make a new collection, click the 'Add Collection' button on your profile page or 'Add a new collection' when viewing your Stack.


How can I find more people to follow?

Follow other people who have stacked artworks you like - you like at least one thing in common, so see what else they stack! You can also see who found any artwork in your feed.

Browse who other users are following to discover new people to follow - if they look interesting, follow them! You can also use the search to find friends on the platform - and remember, you can follow people you don't know!

How did I end up following this artist?

When you stack an artwork you also follow the artist so that you'll see whenever another artwork by that artist is uploaded. You can unfollow an artist in the same way that you unfollow a person - click the 'Following' button.

Why do some artists seem to have two profiles?

All the art by an artist can be seen on a dedicated Artist page. Here, you can choose to follow the artist's work - this way you'll see whenever an artwork by the artist is added to the site; you can also see all the people who are following the artist's work (you might be interested to see what else they like). Note, when you stack an artwork, you'll also follow the artist's work automatically.

If the artist is also a member of ArtStack, you'll also be able to see their user profile and their personal Stack, which may include their own artworks as well as works they find inspirational by other artists. You can follow an artist who uses ArtStack just as you would any other user.

Who am I following?

Your ArtStack feed is filled with art that you'll find interesting based on the people you follow. When you first sign up you automatically follow some users we think you will find interesting so that you'll have a lively feed. If you signed up using Facebook you will also automatically follow any friends already on ArtStack. You can unfollow a user by clicking the 'Following' button.

Didn't Louise Bourgeois die? Is she actually on the site?

ArtStack is a lot like Paradise, but sadly, no. Following an artist on ArtStack is different from following an individual - even if that person is an artist. When you follow an artist, you'll see whenever anyone adds an artwork by that artist to the site - whereas following an individual means that you'll see any artwork or commentary that they stack in a personal capacity on ArtStack, which could be their own artworks or works by other artists.


Can I follow people I don't know?

Yes - it's encouraged. Follow anyone whose taste you like. The more people you follow, the more art you'll see.

Should I only stack things I own?

No. You can stack anything you like - whether or not you own the work.

Should I only stack things I upload?

No. It's great to upload new works to the site but you can stack anything that's already on ArtStack, too.

I don't know the name of the artist or artwork I'm uploading. What should I do?

That's ok. Just write 'unknown' if you don't know and the community can help identify it.

Should I use my full name on the site?

Yes. ArtStack is a community of people who trust each other to show them art that's interesting. For people to trust each other, we ask that everyone uses their real name on the site. It's also great if you fill in your bio, so people know who you are!

Can I comment on works? What kind of thing should I write?

Yes. By clicking on an artwork, you'll be taken to the artwork page, where you can comment on the work. Comments can be voted up, so that the most relevant information will be displayed first for any artwork.

We encourage you to add comments that give interesting information about artworks, but you can also ask questions to the community.

What information should I put in the artwork title when I upload an artworks?

Just the title - any other information (such as media, size or year) can be added as a tag to the artwork label.

What should I put in my bio?

ArtStack is a community of people discovering art through personal recommendations, so please do include a brief biography on your profile so people know who you are - this could include what you do, your relationship with art (artist, collector, curator, art-lover) and anything else that might be interesting to other users.


How can I add information about an artwork to the site?

If you click on an artwork, you'll be taken to the artwork page - at the bottom, there's an 'Artwork Label'. Here you can enter more information about the artwork, which become tags. These are searchable and can also be followed, so you'll see whenever another work is tagged with the same information.

All works with a particular tag can be seen on a single page - when you click on any tag, you'll see all the other works on ArtStack that have also been tagged with that information, be it the year, artist's nationality,collection, or other information.

I entered the wrong information for an artwork I uploaded - how can I fix it?

If you click on the artwork, you'll be taken to the artwork page - click the 'Edit' link at the bottom of the page to change the artwork information or remove the artwork.

If you see something, say something - please do flag any errors, typos or potential improvements we can make. Whether or not you uploaded the image, we'd love to hear from you - you can let us know these issues by clicking on 'Flag an issue with this artwork' on the artwork page.

I found a better image of an artwork that's already on the site - what should I do?

That's great news, upload it to the site with the same artist and title. You'll then be asked if it is a different image of the same artwork and say yes - it will then add the new, better, image to the record Then click the 'Flag an issue with this artwork' link at the very bottom of the page to let us know that a better image has been uploaded. We can then make the new image the main image for the artwork; the old image will remain on the site as an alternate view of the artwork.

How can I take down an artwork I uploaded?

If you click on the artwork, you'll be taken to the artwork page - click the 'Flag an issue with this artwork' link at the very bottom of the page to report the work and we'll remove it from the site.

I log in with Facebook - will you post anything on my wall?

No. We will never post anything to Facebook without your permission. Signing up with facebook just makes it make it easier to find friends - and discover more art as a result.

My feed has both art and messages about people following each other - why?

We believe the most interesting way to discover art is through people you know or find interesting - and the best way to discover more art on ArtStack is to follow more people. To help you find new people to follow, we include in your feed whenever someone you're following starts to follow another user.

Why can't I upload a piece using the 'Add to ArtStack' bookmark button?

The bookmark button is one of our favorite tools on the site - but unfortunately it doesn't work with sites that are built with flash.

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